Anthology of Essays On Deep Listening

In this ground-breaking work, twenty-three authors investigate and discuss composer Pauline Oliveros’ revolutionary practice of Deep Listening. From an education program reaching 47,000 San Francisco school children to electronic dance music (EDM) events held in remote desert locations, from underwater duets with whales to architectural listening, the multifaceted essays in this collection provide compelling depictions of Deep Listening’s ability to nurture creative work and promote societal change.


Writing (About) Music

[…] The words convey so much less of the music and my experience of listening to it, than a simple visual observation of the change in my physicality while listening to it would convey. I think about this when I watch people on the subway listening to music through earphones. I get more of a sense of the music they are listening to by their body responses than references to genre, instrumentation or rhythmic and melodic details would give me. [more]

now and then

Now …and then?

commissioned for Deep Listening Institute’s “Telemergence”– New works for the telematic medium


Clara Schumann, SEVEN SONGS

Volkslied, Loreley, O weh des Scheidens, Die gute Nacht, Beim Abscheid, Mein Stern, Das Veilchen  – January 1, 1993
by composer Clara Schumann (Author) , Kristin Norderval (Editor)