Sounding Out!


Sounding Out!

  • Release date: 2010-10-15
  • Label: Everglade Records

A compilation of multichannel electroacoustic works by six composers on the process of coming out

Track List (6)

1. Arrival / Madelyn Byrne, music; Lily Glass, video
2. magnificat 4: Ida Ida / Linda Dusman
3. Lifting the mask / Mara Helmuth
4. Shards of Sappho / Anna Rubin
5. 12th consciousness / Renée T. Coulombe
6. m/y much desired one / Kristin Norderval, music; Katherine Liberovskaya, video

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Review by Paula Matthusen: Women & Music, Vol 16


Kristin Norderval’s striking vocal utterances and migrating harmonies permeate the final track of the album in “m/y much desired one”, which evolves from samples of her singing, gradually layering one track on top of the other. The sweet, lulling environment this creates is gently ruffled by a whispering voice quoting passages by Monique Wittig. Camera work by Kaia Means and video editing and processing by Katherine Liberovskaya provide a delicate symbiosis to the piece, involving slowly moving concrete imagery that at times is abstract but seems frequently to draw from the physical world, using imagery of a silhouetted figure against the sharp geometries of buildings intercut by leafless branches in the foreground, for example.