Einstein On The Beach


Einstein On The Beach

  • Release date: 1993
  • Label: Nonesuch
  • Catalog #: 79323-2

Composer Philip Glass and director Robert Wilson’s Einstein on the Beach launched its creators to international success when it was first produced in Avignon, France, in 1976, with subsequent performances in Europe and in New York at the Metropolitan Opera. It is still recognized as one of their greatest masterpieces. In 2012, nearly four decades after it was first performed and 20 years since its last production, Einstein on the Beach was reconstructed for a major international tour. On January 17, 2012 to coincide with the international tour and Glass’s 75th birthday, Nonesuch reissued its seminal 1993 recording, which was recorded following an international tour of the production in 1992. The Washington Post wrote that this Nonesuch recording is “more complete than the first recording and superior in both performance and sound.”



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