In Our Name


In Our Name

  • Release date: 2012-06-01
  • Label: New World Records
  • Catalog #: 80729
Track Listings (3)

1. Jitterbug – David Behrman, John King, William Winant, percussion; tape
2. In Our Name – Thomas Buckner, baritone; Theodore Mook, cello; tape
3. Thirst – Simone Fattal, narrator; Kristin Norderval, soprano; tape


Review by Bill Shoemaker


“Thirst” (2008) is a bittersweet piece, largely based on the juxtaposition of sounds recorded in Grand Central Station with Lebanese sculptor Simone Fattal’s memories of her family home’s courtyard. A linkage of sorts to “In Our Name” is made through the inclusion of PA announcements about untended baggage. Lockwood fleshes out the soundscape with the sounds of large medieval manuscript pages being turned in the Pierpont Morgan Library, and processed samples of gongs, piano and sound sculptures. Soprano Kristin Norderval initially makes fleeting appearances in the mix, adding a graceful, slightly spectral layer; she steps to the foreground towards the end of the twenty-minute piece, singing a heartrending Balkan melody. “There was magic there,” Fattal says of the courtyard in her concluding comments; much the same can be said of “Thirst.”