Ancient Eyes


Ancient Eyes

  • Release date: 2007-02
  • Label: New World Records / CRI
  • Catalog #: NWCR831

music by Mathew Rosenblum

This title, originally issued on the CRI label, is now available for order from New World Records.

Mathew Rosenblum (composer), performed by the Prism Players, with guest artists Kristin Norderval (soprano) and Mary Nessinger (mezzo-soprano), conducted by Bradley Lubman; and by the California EAR Unit conducted by Stephen Mosko.

1. Nu Kuan Tzu: Le Départ
2. Nu Kuan Tzu: Automne Malade
3. Nu Kuan Tzu: Interlude 1
4. Nu Kuan Tzu: 12-11 Pop
5. Nu Kuan Tzu: Stars Are Few
6. Nu Kuan Tzu: Interlude 2
7. Nu Kuan Tzu: Han Shao
8. Nu Kuan Tzu: Interlude 3
9. Nu Kuan Tzu: Voyelles
10. Ancient Eyes
11. Maggies


Must-hear music

American Music Center NewMusicBox

Very highly recommended


This music is as cozy and compelling as a dream. 
Richly textured and seductive, it keeps inviting you back for another listen

City Newspaper (Rochester)

A revelation. Very strongly recommended

Délire actuel
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