site specific work


site specific work

I have been fascinated by ambient sound as long as I can remember. Some acoustic spaces invite live improvisation, others invite recording for later use. A number of my works have been based on site-specific recordings from various places around the world; industrial sites from upstate New York to the Arctic region of Norway; city sounds in New York, Bucharest, Oslo, Mexico City; machine sounds from everywhere. These works explore the acoustic properties of various unusual locations, and the interaction between industrial sounds and the human voice.


A few samples of my site-specific work

35 Meters over Brugata (1999)

site specific recording at a construction site in Oslo.
Duet with cement blowers (used to fill in the walls of a new building)
Sung from the top level of the building site, recorded from the sidewalk


Lullaby for Hal (1999)

site specific recording in a machine shop in Austria
trio for voice, metal cutting machine and percussionist
(with Margit Schoberleitner on trash/found percussion)


Chapel Meditation (2001)

Site-specific recording at the Bowdoin College Chapel in Brunswick, Maine. Recorded in between recording sessions of the music of Josquin for Pomerium


Silfas (2000)

Sound collage created from site specific improvisations and recordings at an abandoned fish oil factory in Vadsø, an artic fishing town in the Barents region of Norway


Not driving, not riding (2000)

For voice and multiple samplers and delay units
Live performance recording from the Angel Orensanz Foundation, MATA festival
Sound samples from site-specific recordings made in Bucharest, Rumania and at an industrial site in upstate New York


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