Nothing Proved


Nothing Proved

Song cycle in 4 movements for viol consort, soprano and electronics, by Kristin Norderval.

The piece was commissioned by Parthenia with funds from the Jerome Foundation, and is based on poems by Queen Elizabeth I. Three poems, written by Elizabeth I while under house arrest during the reign of Queen Mary, were combined and adapted for ‘O Fortune’ – the last movement of the song cycle. The electronic portion of the score was created solely from acoustic recordings of the viols that the composer made with the ensemble members.
Performed by Parthenia – Beverly Au, Lawrence Lipnik, Rosamund Morley and Lisa Terry, viols – with Kristin Norderval, soprano and electronics


Premiered at Corpus Christie Church, New York, November 14, 2008.

Featured on Alex Ross: The Rest is Noise


Filmed on April 2, 2013 at The Players Theatre in NYC, as part of the 2013 Women’s Work Festival.

Movements 1-4:

On the Execution of Lord High Admiral Thomas Seymour


The Doubt


Grieve and Dare


O Fortune