1. GS2A5038a

    The Trials of Patricia Isasa

    An opera in two acts - Music: Kristin Norderval - Libretto: Naomi Wallace

  2. GS2A5305a

    piano, piano, pianissimo…

    Sound Installation, Ultima Festival, co-produced by NOTAM - Concept, Composition, Sound design: Kristin Norderval - Assistant visual designer, performer: Jill Sigman - Software programming: Hans Wilmers

  3. Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 9.40.11 AM

    m/y much desired one…

    Film / DVD (Everglade Recordings) - Concept, Composer, Vocalist: Kristin Norderval - Video processing: Katherine Liberovskaya - Camera: Kaia Means - Text: Monique Wittig

  4. nothing proved

    Nothing Proved

    Song Cycle for viol consort, electronics and soprano solo - Music: Kristin Norderval - Text: Queen Elizabeth I - adapted by Kristin Norderval - Commissioned by Parthenia viol consort

  5. Layout 1

    Welcome to Paradise: A Requiem

    Interactive performance-installation, Kanonhallen, Oslo - Concept, texts, performance: Kristin Norderval - Music: Kristin Norderval, Christophe Theiler, Amund Sveen - Scenography: Æsa Björk Thorsteinsdóttir - Direction: Renate Pitroff


    Hut #6 / MiniBo

    Interactive performance installation The Norwegian Opera House, CODA international Dance festival - Choreographer/Designer/Performer: Jill Sigman - Composer/Sound Installation/Performer: Kristin Norderval - Video Installation/Percussionist: Amund Sjølie Sveen - Plants/Living System: Vigdis Storsveen

  7. Procession-SolarOne-1

    Our Lady of Detritus

    Portable interdisciplinary performance installation - Choreographer and Visual Designer: Jill Sigman - Composer and Vocalist: Kristin Norderval - Performer: Mariana L. Ferreira

  8. page2-1005-full


    Dance - Concept, Choreography, Visual design: Jill Sigman - Composer, Vocalist: Kristin Norderval - Live video processing: Katherine Liberovskaya

  9. georgy


    Dance film - Choreography, Performance: Christina Briggs Winslow - Direction: Francesco M. Martinelli - Music: Kristin Norderval

  10. Papoose


    Dance film - Performance, Design: Jill Sigman - Music: Kristin Norderval - Camera: Peter Shapiro, Ayriel Hunt - Video editing: Marisol Montoya

  11. CRW_1058 copy1

    She Lost Her Voice That’s How We Knew

    Electroacoustic chamber opera for solo performer - Music: Frances White - Libretto: Valeria Vasilevski - Performer: Kristin Norderval